Solarium, Carribean Cruise, 2019

A 23-year-old KCL graduate currently on my gap years. My goal is to save money to do what I love best- travelling. I started this blog late 2018 as a creative outlet to keep track of the things I learn in my post-grad years that will help me build a life of freedom, mobility, and happiness.

I have a few projects that I want to accomplish, and I’m self-educating by reading books, watching YouTube videos, and doing some research on the internet. This is a space I can share some of the great things I learn that will hopefully inspire others, along with some lifestyle and travel insights.

More facts about me:

  • Hobbies include baking, travelling, reading, and content creation
  • Tropical beach holidays over city holidays
  • Graduated with a Philosophy degree from Kings College London
  • My dream is to have my own beach resort

Carving out a space for yourself online, somewhere you can express yourself and share your work, is still one of the best possible investments you can make with your time.

Andy Baio

I am by no means a professional or very-well informed about the topics I write about! I emphasise that this blog documents my educational journey to finding out more about what I want to learn about. As a Philosophy graduate, one of the most insightful lessons I learnt is that (as vague and frustrating as it sounds) in A LOT of cases, there is no ‘right answer’. I also acquired and improved valuable skills such as reading, analysing arguments, and keeping an open mind about almost everything. Hopefully, this will help me in my journey to educating myself in the world of personal finance and business, allowing me to learn and explore different theories, approaches and views. Whoever is reading this and my blog, I hope you read it knowing that these are the things I have learnt.