So I have four bank accounts. Some of you might think, why so many? I used to think I only ever needed one but as you’ll get to know, there is a good reason to have different bank accounts. When I started being serious about money management, I realised that having different accounts for my money made it easier to manage it.


What I use it for

This my first ever bank account that my parents opened for me when I was 16 and where my income comes in. I have my Current Account and my Super Savers Account (which I never really use as a savings account).

Although I used to only use my Barclays card, I only use it now as a medium to transfer my income to other accounts. 

Why I like it
  • I’m not sure if it’s always the case but Barclays accounts usually receive income earlier than other banks so it’s nice to get paid/to know how much I get paid a bit earlier than others (not a big deal).
Keep in mind
  • No interest on current account and low-interest rate for the Everyday Savers account of 0.25% AER


What I use it for

Everyday purchases and short-term savings! Before I got my Amex, I used to use Starling as my main spending account.  It is my favourite digital bank out of Monzo and Revolut and you’ll see in a bit why. I use it to track my budget for the month. So if my spending budget (not including necessities, bills, and rent) is £300, I will transfer £300 to my Starling account and try to make sure it lasts for the month.

Why I like it
  • Starling has unlimited fee-free cash withdrawals abroad which is pretty amazing considering Monzo and Revolut have a withdrawal limit of £200. Seems too good to be true right? It’s true.
  • One of the few banks I know where you gain a bit of interest across all your ‘accounts’- current and savings. You get a 0.5% AER for up to £2000  which is higher than most banks and 0.25% AER on anything over.
  • Spaces!!! Before digital banks became a thing, I used to really hope that one day, a bank feature where you can have more than one savings account to save for different things would exist.
  • Won Best British Bank 3 years in a row- need I say more?
Keep in mind
  • The app interface is not the most attractive compared to Monzo and Revolut. If you know me, you know aesthetic is important to me, but despite this, Starling still remains to be my go-to bank account just because of all the reasons above.
  • There isn’t an official savings account like Monzo where you can earn a higher interest rate of 1%.

Amex Gold Card

What I use it for

Everyday spending for larger purchases. I will probably do a future post on why I got an Amex, or why I wanted to get a credit card. In essence, I use this card to build my credit score and to also gain points that I can use in the future. If I’m going to spend the money anyway, I might as well gain something from it. (Please note that I do NOT use my Amex to spend money that I don’t actually have)

Why I like it
  • The Welcome Bonus for Gold Amex cards is quite good. If you spend £3000 within the first 3 months, you can get 20,000 Amex points which is a lot!
  • Amazing service! If you ever need help, their helpline is so friendly and quick to respond.
  • You get quite good travel benefits depending on which card you get. For the Gold card, you get one free airport lounge access.
Keep in mind
  • Quite long to actually use and maintain. Even though I never buy anything I cannot afford, I have to remember to actually minus any money I spend with my Amex from my overall budget. If I spend £10 on my Amex, I have to move £10 from my Starling account into a Starling “Amex” Space I have. This is so I know that I actually spent £10 in cash and not credit. This might sound confusing but hopefully, a future post will clarify this.  
  • You have to pay £60 a year after the first year which might be unnecessary/not worth it for some people if you don’t get enough points to offset the cost.
  • Not accepted everywhere.


What I use it for

Monzo was actually meant to be my ‘business’ card that I use for my ‘side hustles’ like selling items on Depop. I would transfer all my profit from Depop into My Monzo account and use that account to pay for materials for packaging, for example. I don’t use Depop that much anymore, but I’ll still use my Monzo as my ‘serious’/’get-your-life-together’ card.

Why I like it
  • Love the app’s interface! Really clear and clever, making it so easy to navigate around.
  • Has its own Savings Account where you can earn up to 1.31% AER depending on which provider you choose. 
  • You can set different budgets for different categories like Bills, Food, Transport etc.
Keep in mind
  • It has a £200 free cash-withdrawal abroad.

¹AER stands for Anual Equivalent Rate. This just tells you how much interest you will get if you leave your money in the account for a year. The higher the interest, the more return you will get.


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