I’ve always been grateful to have grown up in a family that loves to travel.  At the time of writing, I have visited 17 countries [UPDATE: 22], and have seen so many beautiful places. But one of my proudest accomplishments is that I have been to every Disneyland in the world! Currently, there are 6 Disneyland resorts

Below is a picture of each Disneyland I have been to and a brief sentence of what I remember (from the latest to oldest).

Hong Kong Disneyland

This is the most recent Disneyland I went to in 2017. I went when I was in Hong Kong for my Semester Abroad in my 2nd year of University. My sister (Leilanah) and her friend (Melanie) came with me. Although this is the smallest of Disneyland’s, it was one of my favourites! It wasn’t crazy busy and felt quite cosy (it is quite busy in the picture below, but it was right before the parade). Sometimes, being in such big spaces with tons of people can be a bit overwhelming, whereas being able to see every attraction with minimal queue time felt like an accomplishment!

My beautiful sister, Leilanah, striking a pose in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. 

Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland is the newest Disneyland, which opened in June 2016. I was lucky enough that it was open just before I started my 6-week stay in Shanghai for the King’s Global Internship. I went with two of my friends I met during that summer. 

With my gorgeous friend, Zara. This was in the evening after all the long queues. We were super tired and decided not to stay for the fireworks. Great day though.  

Tokyo Disneyland

I went to Tokyo with my family in 2014. I don’t remember much, but I do know that I particularly really liked this Disneyland. I felt that it was one of the more unique parks.  

My beautiful lola (grandma), always looking great in photos. 

Magical Kingdom, Florida 

One of my favourite and most adventurous holidays was when my family and I went to Florida with my family friends in 2007. We went for about a week, and we went to a different theme park each day.

A really horrible picture (I will try to find a better one). Princess Fiona, my sister, Keira, Jeffrey and I all in matching HSM shirts. 

Disneyland Paris

In 2005, my family, along with my lovely God-mother and K.C, went to Paris. I honestly don’t remember much from this experience, but I do know I went on the Tower of Terror. 

A page from an old travel scrapbook I made a long time ago. 

Disneyland, California

This was the first Disneyland I went to, and I definitely do not remember anything. It was back in 2003 when we went to California and Hawaii with my family. 

My mum used to dress my sister and I  in matching clothes. So cute. My sister was 3 and grumpy during this time.

I don’t know where they are going to build the next Disneyland, but I will definitely do my best to go.


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