I love packing for holidays, and I love organising my travel bag that I’ll take to the airport. These are all the things I find essential and useful for my trips.

My backpack

I’ve found that traveling with a backpack is the easiest, most comfortable, and most practical bag to travel with. I got my backpack from TK Maxx for £25! It’s a perfect size- not too big, but is sleek, and has a lot of good pockets and a compartment for my laptop. I also have three separate pouches and a toiletry bag, making it so much easier for me to group and find my items.


  • Passport
  • Travel Wallet– so useful. You can put your passport, boarding passes, visas, money, etc. all in one place. I got mine from Typo.
  • Small Wallet

Important items

These are important items that don’t fit into a pouch, and I just have in my bag.

  • Laptop
  • Empty water bottle – so you can take it through security and fill it up at Duty Free.
  • Umbrella– always handy.
  • Cover– to keep warm on the plane.
  • Sunglasses
  • Neck pillow
  • Spare shirt

Misc. travel pouch

This pouch is just for travel essentials that are really useful.

  • Socks– Airplanes are so cold and it’s important to keep your feet warm! Also, you don’t need to wear your shoes.
  • Toothbrush– important to keep clean and feel refreshed.
  • Scrunchie– always need spare hair ties.
  • Essential Medicines- Ibuprofen, Immodium, Lemsip
  • Earbuds
  • Mints & small snacks– always want to stay fresh.
  • Sanitary pads
  • Roll-on deodorant– useful to have a deodorant that isn’t in liquid form. My liquids bag is always full.

Liquids Bag

I already pack all my toiletries in a zip-lock bag because it’s just so much easier. In the UK, you are only allowed one bag per person with liquids that are less than 100ml.

I always try to collect travel-sized toiletries and travel-sized containers. They’re really useful when you’re traveling. Although some of my essentials already come in small containers, I love collecting free samples or free gifts (that are miniature versions of the full-sized product) from places like Mac or Clinique. I also have some travel-friendly containers I got from Primark.

  • Hand sanitizers– so important.
  • Hand cream– my hands get really dry-, especially on the airplane.
  • Toothpaste
  • Moisturiser (day/night)– super important to stay moisturised on the airplane.
  • Eye cream
  • Makeup Remover– I never really wear makeup to the airport, but it’s still good to have some to remove excess dirt on your face.
  • Sunscreen


I don’t normally wear makeup on long flights. It’s not that great for your skin, as the air on the airplane is super drying. Although, when I have the time and effort to apply a bit of makeup when I land, I will only apply the basics.

  • CC Cream– I have the small Emorian CC cream, which I think is the perfect makeup base. Not too heavy, so easy to apply, and looks so natural on the skin.
  • Concealer
  • Eyebrow Gel

Electronics pouch

  • Chargers (phone, laptop, wireless earphones)
  • Portable charger– so important.
  • Earphones– I usually bring my wireless earphones & a normal pair of earphones.
  • Travel adaptor

GoPro accessories pouch

I like to keep all of my GoPro accessories with me at all times.

  • GoPro 7 Black
  • Spare batteries
  • SD cards
  • GoPro Stick
  • GoPro charging port


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